Zimaz Abandoned

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015 Yarmouth, Nova Scotia The trip to Florida has been interrupted, and Zimaz, along with my dreams of visiting the Chilean and New Zealand fjords, South Georgia Island, Alaska, and yes, fooling around in the tropics has been abandoned. I’m OK. Weak but recovering quickly. The experience has seemed surreal. Zimaz’ rudder post failed at dawn Monday morning sailing downwind in 25-30 knots, 8 foot seas, signaled by a round up. I know it was the post that snapped as I watched the

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Chester, Nova Scotia

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There’s been a chilly light rain for about 30 hours now as a front passed over. Zimaz sits in the calm cove, patiently waiting to pitch, roll, and yaw again. The last minute provisioning done, her skipper warmed by coffee, watches for a weather window. Joaquin is in the way, and the mists of her path is only now beginning to clear. Perhaps tomorrow Certainty will assert himself, allowing Zimaz to flee winter ice and dance with Joaquin. SPOT tracker page is

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Cape Breton

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A short story of our adventures at Cape Breton, here: From Lake to Sea Spent almost a week up at Cape Breton’s Bras d’or Lakes & another week tooling around Cape Breton Island. The family and I enjoyed the time and the environment immensely despite the cool weather. We all got to know Zimaz a bit better, and found her to be quite liveable and comfortable for the 5 of us. The dingy and the oars proved to be a

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Prep Week

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Zimaz on her mooring at South Shore Marine A very hectic last week of May was had shepherding Zimaz back into the water, stepping the mast, and locating her on a mooring. Oh, and trying to figure out her systems somewhere in there. The mast is far more complex than I’m used to, so I managed to cross some shrouds and fumble through some other errors. In between yard work I managed to do some provisioning for the family vacation

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Custom 42

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Very exciting to announce that I’ve purchased Zimaz, a Custom 42 designed and built by a naval architect for cruising with his family. She’s strong, handsome, and ready to log some offshore miles. While she didn’t meet all my criteria, she meets them better than just about anything I’ve considered. Problem: she’s in Nova Scotia. Solution: take advantage of her location to do some cruising in Nova Scotia this Summer. Then figure out how to sail her over to Kemah,

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Boat Search

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So, I’ve been looking for Slacker’s replacement for a while now, since well before I put Slacker on the market, actually. I’ve received some advice along the way, some of which I actually took, some not. “Get the smallest boat you can stand.” “They’ve learned a lot about yacht design since the Cal 40.” “If you can’t stand up in an Express 37, then pass” “What do you want THAT boat for? You are only going to go a knot faster.”

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